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Best Solo Travel Safety Gear

*The following post contains affiliate links

One of the most common questions I get asked when I tell people about my solo nomadic lifestyle is whether or not I feel safe traveling alone. Nine times out of ten the answer will always be that I feel perfectly safe. Maybe that is due to experience or the locations I am exploring, but a lot of it also comes down to preparation. Occasionally, as a solo traveler I am put in less than ideal situations, but having the right safety gear on hand always gives me peace of mind.

If you’re packing for a solo adventure, the following items are the perfect tools to pack to feel safe no matter where you are. Let’s take a look!

Door Lock

Even if your accommodation is temporary, you still want it to feel like a home. Part of a place being a home is that it feels safe to stay in. I have been traveling with this Addalock Door Lock for years and absolutely love it. It slides into the door jam for an extra level of protection for when you are staying in a hotel or Airbnb. Even when you aren’t traveling you can still use this in your apartment or house to stay extra safe. Let’s face it, hotel and Airbnb locks can be flimsy. Sleep soundly by giving yourself some peace of mind that nobody will be able to enter your room without you knowing.

Door Stop Alarm

Similarly to the previous door lock, a door stop alarm adds an extra level of protection when sleeping in an unfamiliar place. You never know how flimsy door locks are or who may have a spare key to the Airbnb you are renting. This door stop alarm wedges under the door and lets out a loud, shrill alarm should anyone try to open your door. Not only will it scare off people breaking into your room, but it will quickly wake you up and alert you of the danger.

Window Locks

Doors aren’t the only entry points burglars can bust into. Many Airbnbs will have easy to open windows and if you are staying on a lower level floor, this can be quite dangerous. These sliding window locks ensure nobody can get into your accommodation via your windows by sealing them from the inside. Plus, they come in a pack of four, giving you major bang for your buck.

Jessi's Journey in Machu Picchu
Safe solo travel comes down to being prepared before you go!


Part of staying safe while solo traveling is caring for your physical health. Traveler’s insurance ensures you can get proper medical care wherever you roam. Additionally, in case of theft or emergency, you can get the assistance you need. While it sucks to pay for something you most likely won’t need, the peace of mind it will give you should a problem arise is worth it.

✈️ Pro Tip: Don’t know where to start with searching for travel insurance? We’ve got you covered! Learn all you need to know here!

Water Proof Swimming Bag

A waterproof bag is a must if you’re traveling alone to a spot you plan to swim in. While you shouldn’t bring anything too important down to the beach with you in your bag, you’ll likely have your phone, credit card, and some cash on you. This AiRunTech Waterproof Pouch has three zips to secure your important valuables while in the water, making it the perfect option to prevent beachcombers from snagging your stuff.

Spare Phone Power Bank

Traveling solo should never mean you are not connected with people. Cell phones have changed the game for solo travelers making it easier to call for help when needed, get directions, and check in with loved ones so that someone always knows where you are. However, if you’re out and about in an unfamiliar place and your phone battery dies, you’ll be put in a stressful and possibly dangerous situation. Always have a spare power bank, like this Anker Portable Charger or this awesome compact charger in case of emergency.

Jessi's Journey in Malaga
Protect yourself and your stuff by investing in some solo safety gear for your adventure.

First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit is a must to ensure you stay safe while traveling solo. Even a simple kit with basic medications and band-aids can go a long way. However, the more prepared you can be for emergencies, the better. Inevitably, bumps and bruises will occur along the way and you’ll likely catch some kind of sickness if traveling for extended times. Combat these with a quality first aid kit.

✈️ Pro Tip: Stay safe while solo traveling by packing these Medications You Should Always Pack When Traveling.

GPS Tracking Tags

Losing your personal items can quickly ruin a solo adventure. Not only are our valuables, well, valuable, but certain items are also crucial to ensure you can carry on your adventures. This Tile Mate can slot into personal items to help you locate your stuff should it get lost or stolen.

Self Defense Stick

Many countries will not allow you to travel with pepper spray or pocket knives on your person. They’re often considered a weapon instead of self-defense tools. To combat this, I like traveling with this Self Defense Stick on my keychain. Just six inches long, it is perfect to loop onto a keyring or keep in your coat pocket when walking out and about alone.

Solo travel is quite freeing. Instead of being contained to the activities and locations your friends and family want to explore, it gives you the flexibility to roam where you want, at the pace you prefer. Still, safety is key when solo traveling. Prepare before you go and invest in a few quality items that will give you peace of mind while you roam. Bon voyage!

What are your top solo travel safety tips? Share in the comments!


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