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Medications You Should Always Pack When Traveling

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Your health is everything in your day to day life and on your adventures. After all, you can’t hike to Machu Picchu or go scuba diving in Thailand if you are sick! Whether it be something as simple as seasonal allergies or worse travelers' tummy, we took a look at what medications you should always pack when traveling! Let’s take a look.

Packing Medications

Packing well can highly impact the success of a trip. Whether you’re a constant overpacker or an underpacker, making sure you have the right amount of what you need is necessary. Of course, if you are traveling to bigger cities and established countries, you will likely be able to get some form of the medication you need while abroad. Still, when the travelers’ tummy hits, you are not going to want to be frantically searching for a pharmacy to get the medication you need! So get ready to pack up your medicine bag and make sure not to forget anything on our list!

Any Prescriptions

I’m sure it goes without needing to be said, but if your doctor has prescribed you a medication to take regularly for health related issues, i.e. blood pressure medication, cholesterol pills, or even just daily vitamins, make sure you have enough to get you through your trip. Always make sure to pack a few extra pills in case your flights are delayed or canceled or you happen to drop one down the sink.


Depending on where you are traveling, some local cuisine might be spicier than you are used to. Kiss heartburn and acid reflux goodbye by making sure you pack some antacid tablets in your medicine bag.


Travelers’ tummy is no joke and can certainly ruin a trip fast! Whether your body is adjusting to the local cuisine or water, or maybe the amount of airtime you put in has thrown off your schedule, you will want anti-diarrhea medication on hand in case of emergency.


As someone with a severe peanut allergy, an antihistamine is a life saving pill I always have on hand! However, antihistamines can be helpful to have on hand for non-severe allergic reactions as well. If you get stung by an insect while hiking or accidentally book a moldy hostel dorm room that triggers your allergies, you’ll appreciate having an antihistamine on hand.

Bonus: You can also get antihistamine medication in the form of an ointment to put on any itchy bug bites.

Person holding pills and a glass of water in their hand
Always ensure you have all the medications you need when packing for a trip.

Motion Sickness Medication

Whether your airplane is getting a little more turbulence than usual or you decide to book a last minute sailing excursion, motion sickness tablets are crucial to keep your airplane pretzels down! Even if you’re not planning on any motion intense activities, you never know when a winding rural road will sneak up on you and make you feel queasy!

Pain and Fever Medication

Whether you have achy ankles from walking all day or a headache from drinking too much while dancing the night away, basic pain medications are a must have when packing up for vacation. We recommend packing either acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen in your medicine bag.

Mild Laxative

The opposite of travelers’ tummy? That’s right! Sometimes intense travel and new foods can get you a little … backed up. Having a mild laxative on hand if you’re feeling constipated can be super helpful! Just make sure not to take it before any exciting excursions!

Mild Sedative/Sleep-Aid

You’ll need a good night's sleep to have energy for all of your adventures. But sometimes in crowded dorm room style hostels or airplanes, it is hard to drift off to dreamland. There are now over the counter sleep-aids that can help you start counting sheep in no time!

First aid kit
Always have a little first aid kit on hand in case of emergency when traveling!

Other First Aid Supplies

While you’re packing up your medicine bag, make sure to include these other first aid supplies to ensure you are happy and healthy on your trip.


Don’t get stuck having to sit out exciting adventures because you got too many blisters walking around on day one of your adventure! Make sure to pack both regular band-aids for cuts and scrapes and plus blister band-aids specifically designed to ensure your shoes aren’t causing you any discomfort.

Hand Sanitizer

Okay, I will admit I am a bit of a germaphobe. I always have a mini-hand sanitizer packed in each of my bags. While that might be a bit overkill, it doesn’t hurt to at least pack one. You never know when you won’t be able to access a public bathroom and will have to make do in the great outdoors. Or maybe you stumble upon a random food market but have nowhere to wash up before you eat. Keep clean with hand sanitizer!


Our sexual health is just as important as our regular health. You never know who you might meet while on your adventure, so just pack a spare condom or two just in case.

Woman packing medicine bag
Be prepared for any medical issue by having a well packed medicine bag!

Eye Drops

Airplane air is drying and after an overnight flight your eyes might be feeling a little scratchy! Always keep some eye drops on hand in your medicine bag to make sure you can see all the stunning scenery!

Antibacterial Ointment

Cuts, scrapes, and burns will inevitably happen. A topical ointment can protect against infection while you heal up.


Don’t get stuck in a sticky situation. Before you jet off on a grand adventure, make sure you pack up all the necessary medications in your medicine bag. If you’re lucky, you won’t need to use any of them. However, if you do find yourself in need, you won’t regret having them on hand!

What is top priority in your travel first aid bag? Tell us in the comments!


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