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Your Ultimate Guide To Visiting Prague

The first time I went to Prague was when I moved to the red-roofed city to get certified to teach English. A slightly impulsive decision soon became one of the most pivotal adventures in my life. It introduced me to the world of digital nomad living, international visa stress, and stunning European cities. While living in Prague was full of stress and growing pains, it also made it so every day of my life felt like I was living in a fairytale. From winding cobblestone alleyways to historical architecture, the charming city of Prague would leave me constantly speechless…and if you know me well, you know that doesn’t happen often!

Whether you have just 48 hours in Prague or are traveling through the Czech Republic at a more leisurely pace, make sure to add the following must-see spots to your itinerary!

Where To Stay In Prague?

Prague is divided into 22 districts. The main tourist sites can be found in Prague 1 and some of the best spots to snooze in can be found here. However, if you’re looking to save money, the further outside of the center city area you go, the better the price you will find. If you’re looking for a cozy spot to rest your head, look no further than the following spots.

Budget Option: The Madhouse Prague

If you’re on a budget and looking for the ultimate spot to party in Prague, The Madhouse Prague is the perfect spot for backpackers looking to make friends and enjoy the energetic nightlife of Prague. The Madhouse Prague is located just a few moments from the Old Town and other stunning sites on our to-see list. They have multiple dorm and private room options and offer unique group experiences to enjoy.

Mid Range: Hotel Pod Věží

Hotel Pod Věží is located across the Charles Bridge in Mala Strana making it the perfect spot to quickly get to Prague Castle and the Old Town. Enjoy classic Czech cuisine at nearby restaurants and buy souvenirs from the neighborhood shops. If you’re arriving to Prague by plane, the hotel offers an airport shuttle to make your transportation easy.

High End: Art Deco Imperial Hotel

Enjoy a warm welcome to the Art Deco Imperial Hotel with a free bottle of sparkling wine waiting for you in the room. This impressively stunning hotel will have you wanting to spend more time in the lobby than exploring Prague. With beautifully decorated rooms and friendly staff, a stay at the Art Deco Imperial Hotel.

✈️ Pro Tip: We think Prague and these other European cities are perfect for a weekend escape.

Scenic view looking out over Prague
Explore all the red roofed city has to offer.

What To See And Do In Prague?

Sleep off your jetlag and get ready for an adventure, we uncovered the top spots you must see and things to do while in Prague. Check it out...

Stroll Across The Charles Bridge

There is nothing more classic Prague than a walk across the Charles Bridge. This famous bridge was built over six hundred years ago during the reign of King Charles IV. Cross the famous flowing rivers of the Vlatava and then carry on your journey up to the iconic Prague Castle that waits on the other side of the bridge. Keep in mind that the Charles Bridge gets busy quickly! The best way to avoid crowds is to go first thing in the morning. Grab a coffee and catch the sunrise while strolling across the stony bridge.

Walk Through History In The Prague Castle

Keeping a watchful eye over all who cross over the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle looms beckoning visitors to climb up to its impressive walls. However, if hiking up hundreds of stairs, (Trust me I’ve been there while nursing a hungover, it is not an easy trek!), hop on the number 22 tram or take the A tram to Malostranská. While you can easily stroll about the impressive complex that makes up Prague Castle, paying a few bucks for a guided tour is definitely worth it to learn more about the inner secrets of the castle.

Wander Through The Golden Lane

After exploring Prague Castle, head to Golden Lane. This 16th century street was once where palace staff lived and then in the 17th century where goldsmiths resided, hence the name. Nowadays, this colorful little alley is mainly full of exhibitions and little shops perfect for souvenir hunting. The entry cost to Golden Lane is included in the ticket cost for Prague Castle.

View of the Vlatava in Prague
There is something for everyone to enjoy in Prague.

Sip On A Beverage In St. Wenceslas Vineyards

St. Wenceslas Vineyards are some of the oldest vineyards in the Czech Republic, but you don’t need to be a wine fan to explore them. After exploring Prague Castle and Golden Lane, take a short walk to the vineyards to rest your feet and enjoy a glass of refreshing Czech wine, beer, or coffee.

Grab A Bite And A Pint At A Beer Hall

Prague is full of many amazing beer halls that serve classic Pilsners pairs paired with Czech dumplings and goulash. Lokál Dlouhááá was my go-to beer hall during my time living in Prague. However, in peak hours it can get quite busy, so make sure to book a reservation on their website before you go!

Enjoy The View Over A Pint At Letna Beer Garden

Letna Park offers stunning city views and plenty of greenery to enjoy some nature time away from the city bustle. Spend some time strolling the winding paths of Letna Park before heading to the lively Letna Beer Garden to enjoy a pint (or four) of Pilsner Urquell with a breathtaking view.

Find Peace At Vyšehrad Cemetery

Not all cemeteries are spooky! In fact, Vyšehrad Cemetery is one of the most peaceful spots in Prague and also offers stunning views of the city. Take some time to wander through the various graves and learn the history of famous figures in Czech history. During warmer months, you can find vendors along Vyšehrad Hill selling beer and snacks, making it the perfect spot to enjoy some fun in the sun while contemplating your existential dread.

Jessi's Journey at scenic view in Prague
Prague has many amazing scenic viewpoints scattered about.

Explore Old Town Square

While Old Town Square is sure to be packed full of people enjoying the awe-inspiring architecture, quirky shops, and delicious restaurants, it is still well worth the visit. Similarly to the Charles Bridge, head to Old Town Square early in the morning to avoid massive crowds. If waking up before sunrise isn’t for you, try visiting the Old Town Square shortly after the hour strikes as crowds typically disperse after the clock tower chimes.

Catch The Time At Prague Astronomical Clock Tower

As the seconds count down to a new hour you’ll find crowds gathering to watch the Prague Astronomical Clock Tower chime. This Medieval clock is on many tourists' to-do lists, but some leave feeling slightly overwhelmed by the cuckoo clock’s show. Time your visit so that you arrive just moments before the clock chimes on the hour and be prepared to just spend a short time amongst the crowds.

✈️ Pro Tip: Many travelers visit Prague because it is budget-friendly, just like these other 10 Most Affordable Places To Travel in 2023.

Party It Up At Vzorkovna Dog Bar

This secret spot is a unique experience like no other. Go underground and explore the tunnels that twist and turn below the city at Vzorkovna Dog Bar. This bar is comprised of multiple cave-like rooms and has an atmosphere like no other. If you’re looking to meet new friends while exploring the Czech Republic and enjoy some quality drinks, this is the spot to spend the night.

Relax In The Wallenstein Palace

Wallenstein Palace is the perfect garden escape while living in Prague. With beautiful flowers, tranquil ponds, and wild peacocks, a stroll through the Wallenstein Palace makes for a peaceful retreat. Vacations can be jam-packed with sites to see, but take some time to pack a book and a beverage and relax in the gardens of the Wallenstein Palace.

Wallenstein Palace
Enjoy some peace and quiet at the Wallenstein Palace.

Lean A Little At The Dancing House

This curvy house is an architectural marvel designed by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić who designed it to fill the void left by a bombing in 1945. Go for a stroll along the Vlatava and enjoy the scenery while heading to the famous Dancing House.

Picnic On Střelecký Island

If you’re looking for a romantic and peaceful spot to escape the bustle of the Prague city center, Střelecký Island is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic in. Located just a five minute walk from the Charles Bridge, Střelecký Island sits smack dab in the middle of the Vlatava River. You’ll find swans and scenic views of the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Grab a pack of Pilsner Urquell and snacks and enjoy an afternoon retreat or sunset.

Let Out Your Inner Artist At The John Lennon Wall

Imagine all the people, visiting Prague to make some art oh oh ohhhhh. Even if you aren’t the most artistic person, a stop by the John Lennon Wall to leave your mark on Prague is a must. Bring a sharpie or some paint and leave an inspirational image or quote. If creating art isn’t for you, take some time to walk by the wall and enjoy others' work while listening to the local artists singing some Beatles classics.

Jessi's Journey in front of John Lennon Wall Prague
Let your inner artist shine at the John Lennon Wall.

Climb To The Top Of Petrin Hill

Don’t let the steep slopes of Petrin Hill intimidate you. Head to the funicular to easily get to the top of Petrin Hill for the best views of Prague. While there, explore the Rose Garden, Petrin Tower, and Observatory for the ultimate Czech experience.

Wander Through Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is one of the main squares in Prague. If you have any shopping to do, either for yourself or for friends and family back home, this is the spot to spend some hard-earned cash. It is no secret that beer is cheaper than water in Prague, and if you’re heading to Prague for some partying, the nightlife scene along Wenceslas Square is sure to inspire your best dance moves.

Dance The Night Away in Lucerna

For all the 80s and 90s babies or otherwise nostalgic visitors, a night out at Lucerna is sure to give you the ultimate throwback experience. Get groovy while dancing to the classics. From ABBA to Brittney Spears, dancing in Lucerna will have you feeling like you’re living in an MTV music video countdown.

For history buffs, castle explorers, beer drinkers, and more, there is something for everyone to see and do in Prague. With affordable prices, Prague makes for the perfect adventure for budget backpackers. Still, if you’re looking for luxury, you’re sure to find it while exploring the stunning city. Bon voyage!

Which site in Prague do you want to visit first? Tell us in the comments!


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