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10 Most Affordable Places To Travel in 2023

What if I told you that traveling the world doesn’t have to break the bank? And furthermore, in 2023, what if I told you that you can travel to some insanely stunning destinations for a fraction of the cost of everyday life back home? If all that could be true, where would you go first? Today we’re here to tell you that your travel dreams are possible! Ditch “new year, new me” in exchange for “new year, new adventures” and head out to one of these ten most affordable places to travel in 2023.

How To Find Affordable Hostels When Traveling?

Luxury stays in hotels have their time and place, but if you’re looking to save money in your budget while traveling, you’ll need to find some affordable accommodations. Luckily, finding cheap hostels is easier than ever before. Sites like Hostel World can help you refine your search to get you the ultimate deal.

Hostels will commonly offer dorm rooms in various packages. Often, hostels will offer the option of mixed or same-sex dorm rooms, mixed dorm rooms typically being cheaper. Hostels will also have dorm rooms that accommodate single travelers looking for a private room, but also rooms for anywhere from four, six, twelve, and more people per room. The more people in the room, the cheaper the room will be. Keep in mind, while you might save money by booking the cheapest option, you may not always get the best night’s sleep. Don’t forget to pack earplugs, an eye mask, and a lock for your bag!

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When Is The Best Time To Travel?

To make your money go even further while traveling, the best time to travel will always be in the shoulder and off-seasons. While many prefer to use their summer months backpacking around Europe or cruising on a cross-country road trip through the United States, shoulder months like April and May and September and October are excellent opportunities to travel on the cheap. While you’re likely to still have mild weather, you will have fewer crowds and lower prices.

If you want to do the traditional backpacking trip around Southeast Asia, April through September, while noticeably rainier, will be significantly cheaper. While North America enjoys hot sunny summers from June through August, South America will be in the dead of winter during these months. Consider the weather and how it will impact your desired travels, but know that traveling in the off-season can help you find better deals on hotels and excursions. However, keep in mind things may be closed during these months.

Jessi's Journey in Porto, Portugal
Traveling doesn't need to break the bank!

10 Most Affordable Places To Travel


Expect To Pay: $15-20 USD/day

Best Cities To Explore In Turkey: Cappadocia, Izmir, Istanbul

Know Before You Go: If you have seen the stunning images of hot air balloons floating over the impressive rock structures of Cappadocia, you’ll love traveling through Turkey. While a stopover in Istanbul is a must, many off-the-beaten-path cities will be shockingly affordable and equally stunning to explore. From beaches to impressive mountains, there is something for every adventurer in Turkey.


Expect To Pay: $20 USD/day

Best Cities To Explore: Da Nang, Hội An, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi

Know Before You Go: Vietnam has been a staple on many budget backpackers' Southeast Asia list for years. With bustling cities and stunning beach escapes, there is something for every traveler here. While in Vietnam, it will often be cheaper to eat your meals out than buy groceries and cook at home. Expect to spend way below $1 USD on a beer and just a few dollars on hostels while traveling through this lush country.

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Jessi's Journey in Hanoi, Vietnam
From beaches to bustling cities, there is something for everyone in Vietnam.


Expect To Pay: $25 USD/day

Best Cities To Explore In Bolivia: Titicaca, La Paz, Uyuni

Know Before You Go: While trekking through Bolivia may not be the most luxurious experience, it is sure to provide you with an adventure like no other. Plus, costs for accommodation and food remain impressively low. From stunning salt flats to vibrant cities, there is so much to see and do in Bolivia that will not break the bank.


Expect To Pay: $40 USD/day

Best Cities To Explore In Portugal: Porto, Coimbra, Faro, Madeira

Know Before You Go: It is no secret Portugal is having its moment in the travel scene. It seems impossible to scroll through Instagram and not see someone sharing about their most recent trip to this stunning European country. From sandy beaches to stunning architecture, there is so much to see and do in Portugal. However, due to the recent surge in tourism, costs per day to visit Portugal are increasing. It is very possible that 2023 may just be the last year for travelers to affordably travel through Portugal.

While the increase in visitors in recent years has hiked up the cost of accommodation in the major cities, food prices and transportation costs remain low, making Portugal an excellent destination for the savvy spender. Many of the main tourist cities offer excellent self-guided tour options that are completely free, so the main bulk of your travel budget will go towards accommodation.

Jessi's Journey in pool in Portugal
Portugal is the perfect European country to explore, but not overspend.


Expect To Pay: $35 USD/day

Best Cities To Explore In Morocco:

Know Before You Go: While we can’t stop you from spending all your money at the famous souks in Morocco, we can at least advise you to enjoy the affordable hotels and culinary experiences Morocco has to offer. While typical tourist experiences, like camel rides in the Sahara Desert, can get pricey, overall the cost per day to explore Morocco can be kept low and well within a budget backpacker’s ideal daily spend.


Expect To Pay: $25 USD/day

Best Cities To Explore In Ecuador: Quito, Ibarra, Yasuni National Park

Know Before You Go: Ecuador is proof that size doesn’t matter (sometimes). This small country packs a big punch with grand adventure opportunities. With bustling cities and unprecedented national parks, a trip to Ecuador is sure to leave you speechless. While a trip to the Galapagos Islands can get pricey, exploring other cities in Ecuador is downright cheap! Budget backpackers can find hostels from $6-10 USD a day, with food and excursions being equally affordable.

The Philippines

Expect To Pay: $20 USD/day

Best Cities To Explore In The Philippines: Boracay, Cebu, El Nido

Know Before You Go: Island hopping through the Phillippines is the perfect adventure for sand and sun lovers. Apart from the tourist hub of Manila, many of the islands throughout the Phillippines offer accommodation for anywhere from $5-10 USD per night. Food is also similarly priced. Plan on spending the bulk of your travel budget on transportation between the islands and on fun activities, like scuba diving.

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Jessi's Journey drinking wine in Albania
Escape to the mountains in Albania.


Expect To Pay: $20 USD/day

Best Cities To Explore In Albania: Berat, Permet, The Albanian Alps

Know Before You Go: With a unique and tumultuous history, a trip to Albania is sure to leave you with a deeper understanding of Balkan culture. With stunning beaches and rugged mountains, Albania makes for the perfect adventure for nature lovers. As one of the cheapest countries in Europe, you’ll be able to stretch your savings far on food and fun.


Expect To Pay: $20 USD/day

Best Cities To Explore In Guatemala: Antigua, Chiquimula, Lake Atitlán

Know Before You Go: Places like Costa Rica and Cuba tend to get the most tourist attraction in Central America, but Guatemala should not be overlooked. With tons of Mayan history waiting for you to discover and sandy beaches perfect for relaxing on, Guatemala makes for the perfect adventure. Expect to spend up to $5 on meals and below $20 USD, including accommodation, on your trip.


Expect To Pay: $30 USD/day

Best Cities To Explore In Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor

Know Before You Go: For history buffs hoping to see the pyramids, a trip to Egypt is a must. Keep in mind some entrance fees to famous sites can get expensive. However, accommodation and food are quite affordable throughout the major cities in Egypt. Save money by not forgetting to bargain when you call a taxi or go shopping in the markets.

Traveling the world doesn’t have to break the bank. Of course, how much money you spend will all depend on your travel style and priorities while exploring. Still, there are plenty of affordable places to travel to in 2023. Bon voyage!

Which country on the list do you want to travel to first? Tell us in the comments!


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