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Best Spots for a Girls Trip

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Who would we be without our girlfriends? They support us. Make us feel like we can do anything we dream of. They sit with us when our hearts are broken, kindly scooping Ben & Jerry’s into our mouths (No? Just me?) telling us we will be okay. They are our biggest cheerleaders and our fiercest allies. They make our sides ache from laughing so hard and they’re always there for us in times of need. So why wouldn’t you want to jetset around the world with them? If you’re ready to book your next adventure, read on! We found the perfect places for your next girl trip! Plus, we threw in some tips to make it a success!

What Makes The Ultimate Girls Trip

While you likely have lots in common with your friends, it’s important to keep in mind everybody has their own travel style. Some people's dream vacation entails laying on a beach sipping margaritas, while others might be hiking a mountain…I am definitely the lay on a beach type of person, but power to you if you enjoy exercising while on vacay! With that in mind we found nine amazing options that cover a range of experiences to please the whole group. So bust out your passport and pop some champagne, these are the perfect places for your next girls trip adventure.

Group of girl friends silhouetted at sunset on girls trip
From mountains, oceans, deserts and more, there are tons of places for you and your girlfriends to explore!

Provence, France

For wine lovers, foodies, nature enthusiasts and more, Provence is the perfect spot to please all of your girlfriends! From the end of June until the beginning of August Provence’s famous lavender fields will be in full bloom. Bust out your tripod or hire a photographer and capture your crew frolicking amongst the lucious lavender. Pack a picnic and some famous Provence rosé (They are the main producer of rosé in the world!) and soak up this quaint region of France. There are so many cute little towns full of art, history, swimming spots and more so there will be something for everyone! Plus, the southern coast of France is just a short journey away. Extend your trip to the likes of Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez and more if you and your girls are in need of some beach rest and relaxation time!


For the outdoor enthusiasts, Iceland is certain to take your breath away! Every second of your girls trip to Iceland will feel like you walked onto a set of a movie. Rent a car and drive the perimeter of the island on the Ring Road. Rent Airbnbs or bring a tent and camp along the route. After days of adventuring soothe your sore muscles in the famous Blue Lagoon. Iceland is certain to be a girls trip you will never forget!

Pro Tip: Use our Ultimate Iceland Ring Road Road Trip Guide to make your girls trip an awesome experience!

Marrakesh, Morocco

From vibrant colors, bustling markets, relaxing Hammams and more, Marrakesh is sure to wow you and your girls! Feast your way through many famous Moroccan dishes and explore the unique architecture. Ride off into the sunset on the back of a camel and barter your way through the busy souks. Marrakesh is sure to leave you and your girls with many “pinch me this can’t be real” moments!

The Amalfi Coast

From Positano to Capri, The Amalfi Coast is where you and your girls will want to be! Walk into a real life watercolor painting on the Amalfi Coast. Full of picture perfect towns, beaches to relax on, amazing dining experiences and more, you and your girls are sure to make some memories here! Let your inner sailor shine by renting a boat to tour your group along the coast all while sipping prosecco. Travel via water ferry from town to town to get the best views. Spend your days snoozing on beautiful beaches and nights dancing in a carb and limoncello hase. With many towns along the coast to choose from, everyone in your group will get to explore their top spot!

Jessi's Journey and friend on boat in Positano
The Amalfi Coast is sure to leave you and your girls speechless!

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is a hustling and bustling city making it an exciting girls trip destination! Spend your mornings sipping egg coffee and afternoons trying all the delicious foods Vietnam has to offer. For the water loving friend group, book a multi day boat trip to Halong Bay. Hit the shops for an exciting bartering experience and zip about on scooters around the city. Hanoi is teaming with history so there are tons of various guided tours, museums and experiences for you and your girls to do.

Mykonos, Greece

Mamma Mia! Here we go again! If you and your babes want to dance the night away and give your best go at living like a Dynamo (cause we all those Greek men are total babes!) head to Mykonos! The world is wide and you will definitely make some memories letting your inner dancing queen shine here. While Myknos makes for the perfect party spot for you and your girls to let loose, there are tons of other amazing islands close by that you can sail to and explore.

Napa, California

If you want to rosé all day with your babes, wine country is perfect for you! Napa Valley comes equipped with a wine train to take you from winery to winery so there will be no need for you and your girls to worry about assigning a designated driver! Soak up the sun and eat your fill of charcuterie boards while exploring some of the top wineries in the world!

Jessi's Journey and friends drinking wine together
Wine not head to Napa on an ultimate girls trip?!

Cappadocia, Turkey

There are many stunning spots in Turkey that could make for an amazing girls trip, but we think Cappadocia has the wow power needed to take the top spot. Create a memory you are sure to never forget by waking up to watch the sunrise over the famous caves that populate Cappadocia. While waking up early might not be easy, book a stay within one of the caves to get a prime sunrise viewing location! Better yet, watch the sunrise in a hot air balloon with your besties! With plenty of easy to advanced level hikes, valleys and castles to explore, your girls trip to Cappadocia is sure to leave you speechless! (And that’s saying a lot because who doesn’t love spending hours gossiping with their girlfriends!

New Orleans, Louisiana

While Las Vegas might be known as Sin City, New Orleans comes in close second. If you and your girls are looking for the ultimate party vacation, head to Bourbon Street to drink and dance the night away. Nurse your hangovers over a hot plate of beignets before heading out to explore the French Quarter. Take some time on your trip to visit some haunted graveyards and learn about the history of voodoo in New Orleans. New Orleans is teaming with unique tours and experiences, so this city escape will perfectly please all types of travelers in your girl gang.

Jessi's Journey and girl friends posing together in vineyard on girls trip
Grab your gals and head out on an exciting adventure!

Make Your Trip a Success

Of course, the perfect location is just the first step to planning the ultimate girls getaway. Make sure you come out of your trip with only good memories by using the following girls trip tips:

Don’t Over Schedule Yourselves - Whenever you travel it is easy to want to see and do everything, but that’s not always possible! Plus, even if you and your friends are a group of extroverts, you will inevitably need some down time to rest and relax. Keep in mind too, trying to get everybody to show up at the right time and place can be complicated! Make sure you plan accordingly so your group isn’t rushed.

Pack Some Personalized Gear - While we usually don’t advise doing things to draw attention to the fact that you’re a tourist, there is something about some kind of matching personalized gear that we just love! Something simple like customized eye masks for on the plane or matching swimsuits can make all the difference in making your girls trip feel all the more special.

Don’t Forget Everyone's Budget Is Different - The truth of the matter is, it is likely that you and your friends all have different financial situations. Income levels might be different, some girls might have saved up more to really splurge while others might just have different savings goals in the works they would rather put their money to. Additionally, while you might think something is worth the money, another friend might think differently. It’s always best to talk honestly about budget expectations beforehand to ensure no awkward situations arise.

Make Sure Everyone Is Included - From the start of planning to all the big and small moments on your trip, always make sure everyone feels valued and included. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment, but that can sometimes mean someone doesn’t feel like they are a part of the group. While we tried to find places we think anyone would love, make sure no matter where you go everybody gets to do at least one thing that is at the top of their travel bucket list.

Talk About Pet Peeves In Advance - It is always important to know what will push you or your friends over the edge. Maybe they don’t want you to borrow their clothes or need a solid eight hours of sleep each night. Talk about what annoys you and what boundaries you want to set with each other before you head out on your adventure.

Pro Tip: You never know what might happen on a girls trip, so make sure to pack these medications in your medicine bag to cure all hangovers and accidents on your vacation.

Bon Voyage!

There’s nothing more special than traveling with people we love. Travel broadens our horizons, exposes us to new cultures and shapes us into different people. Who wouldn’t want to do all of that with their closest girl group? From Europe to Asia, Africa to South America, the world is full of amazing destinations for you and your girls. If you were looking for a sign to book an ultimate girls trip, this is it! Have a great vacay!

What place on our list do you want to travel to first? Tell us your ultimate girls trip destination in the comments!


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