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Unique Digital Nomad Jobs You Can Actually Do

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Now more than ever, people are realizing the freedom and flexibility online work can give. Whether you just like the flexibility of creating your own schedule and working from home in your pajamas or want to travel the world full time while earning money to fund your adventures, digital nomad life offers that freedom and flexibility! While becoming an online influencer and getting to travel the world for free while making money sounds fabulous, it is not really realistic for the vast majority of people dreaming of digital nomad life. While digital nomad jobs can take some time to build up a steady income stream, we uncovered eleven unique digital nomad jobs we believe everybody can actually do and reasonably start earning money quickly from. Let’s get started!

What Is A Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is a person who works online and has the flexibility to work wherever they desire. While some digital nomad careers might require a set time schedule, often digital nomad jobs also offer schedule flexibility making it possible to get out and explore more. While a digital nomad does not need to travel full time, often you will find them bouncing around from country to country, city to city, or even beach to beach.

What Do You Need To Be a Digital Nomad?

With the word “digital” being a part of the lifestyle name, it is no surprise that to be a digital nomad you need a solid internet connection and a laptop or tablet to do your work. Some digital nomads might need further gear related to their job. For example, an online teacher might want props to help demonstrate their curriculum, whereas a transcriber will need headphones to do their work. Lastly, a digital nomad needs an eagerness to explore, flexibility to continuously move about and an adventurous soul.

Do You Need a Degree To Be a Digital Nomad?

I am a firm believer that you can learn anything you want to! With online accessibility to education being easier than ever, anyone can develop new skills and segue their career if they put their mind to it. In my twenties I worked as a paraoptometric, English teacher, copywriter and editor and wine tourism consultant. None of these careers are things I studied at university. I do want to be realistic and note that while having a degree did help with, or was required by, some of the previous jobs I have worked, it is not always necessary. Experience matters more. And while that might seem overwhelming if you are just starting to take the steps to become a digital nomad, remember even with zero practical experience you can still develop a relevant resume and take on independent projects for friends and family related to your desired field to build up your portfolio before you start hunting for online jobs. Things might not happen overnight, but even without a degree, digital nomad life is possible.

Digital nomad woman working online
Digital nomad life gives you the freedom to work anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Unique Digital Nomad Jobs

Are you ready to work from a beach in Bali, an edgy café in Berlin, or the bustling city of Buenos Aires? We found eleven unique digital jobs jobs we think you can actually do! Check them out…

Website Developer

While this job requires some coding skills, because there is an abundance of online accessibility to free coding courses, we believe anybody could take on this career with either a company or as a freelancer. Take on building the technical aspects of a website interface as a website developer. If you want to freelance, we recommend picking a niche audience to cater to. For example, maybe you will be a resource for other digital nomad bloggers (like me!) and build websites specifically for that segment of clients.

SEO Specialist

Want to help people ensure their sites are on the first page of google? SEO specialists take time to test, analyze and update websites so that they are search engine optimized. Many companies and bloggers want to make sure they are showing up in the first few results on google so they will pay big bucks to specialists to analyze their sites.

Social Media Manager

There are so many different types of social media outlets today. From Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok, companies will actually pay you to manage their accounts. This can include creating content, organizing the copy for captions, responding to comments, creating a regular posting schedule, and ensuring the company’s brand is consistent with the content being put out. If you want to work as a freelance social media manager, you might want to take some time to build up your client list before you jump head first into digital nomad life to ensure you aren’t stressed financially.

Person scrolling through social media
Have a favorite app to use? Put your social media skills to good use as a social media manager.

Online Customer Support Agent

While this isn’t a freelance job, by working as an online customer support agent for a company you will be responsible to give assistance to customers, help resolve complaints and answer any questions that arise for clients.

Virtual Travel Agent

If you’re looking into being a digital nomad it is likely that you love to travel. Use that passion to make money! Help schedule and book other people's adventures as a virtual travel agent!


Whether it be the captions on social media posts, ad descriptions or even blog posts, companies will pay you to write and edit for them. Some digital nomads like focusing on either being a writer or an editor while others prefer to have a range of clients and do both. Command for the English language is typically necessary, but it is also very possible if you are from a country where English is not the primary spoken language to write and edit copy in your own mother tongue.

Online Language Teacher

As a former online ESL teacher I have seen this career on many digital nomad job lists, and while I will admit it can take months if not up to a year to gain a steady schedule of reliable students, it is quite a rewarding digital nomad job. Many online platforms exist to teach a wide range of students and languages. From children to adults, English to German, there are many options to work as a language teacher online.

Video Editor

If you love storytelling through visual form, editing video content online is an excellent option for you. With plenty of online courses on how to use editing equipment, with time and practice this can make for an excellent freelance gig.

Man editing video on computer
With video content becoming more prevalent on social media, being able to edit videos can make you in high demand for work!

Caption Translator

If you can speak multiple languages, this unique online job is perfect for you! Many online video creators want to make their content as accessible as possible, so having captions in multiple languages is crucial! Watch videos and translate what is being said into a new language.


This career is perfect for both people who want to work freelance and for those who prefer the security of working for a company. Listen to audio and video and type out what you hear. As simple as that!

Virtual Assistant

Schedule appointments, make arrangements, manage email accounts and more as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants basically do everything administrative assistants do in an office, but they can do it from anywhere!


Work from home has become even more common post 2020. If you’re not ready to fully jump into digital nomad life, you can always begin by seeing if your current employer will let you perform your work from home and slowly build up to traveling full time. If you are ready to dive into digital nomad life one of these eleven jobs can help get you going! Bon voyage!

What digital nomad do you want to do? Tell us in the comments!


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