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Best Travel YouTube Channels To Get Inspired

Whether you’re planning an upcoming adventure or just want to watch something to escape reality for a bit, YouTube is full of inspirational travel content. With niche content like solo female travel tips, digital nomad life information, and aesthetic travel guides, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So if you’re ready to let the travel bug bite you, check out these travel YouTube channels that will leave you counting down the days until your next adventure.

Best Travel YouTube Channels To Get Inspired

Let’s face it, as small as the world can seem sometimes, it is quite big. It is unlikely we will be able to physically explore every single spot we dream of visiting in our lifetimes. However, travel She has traveled around Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and more andcontent creators have helped open up a new type of travel where viewers can visit faraway places all from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you just want to tag along for an adventure, or need help planning your upcoming explorations, the following travel YouTubers will help you out.

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Backpacking Bananas

About Backpacking Bananas: From hostel hoppers to luxury hotel dwellers, there are many different travel styles. Christianne, aka Backpacking Bananas, is the ultimate backpacking queen. Having traveled around Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and more, she has the know-how to help you get started backpacking. With multiple playlists showing her backpacking adventures around places like the Philippines and Colombia, you’ll get the inside scoop on what it is really like to travel to a destination.

Why Jessi’s Journey Loves The Channel: Watching Backpacking Bananas videos really feels like you are along on the adventure with her. Her laid-back filming style and openness about her experiences really make you feel like you are sitting in a hostel with her exchanging travel stories. Not only does she produce enjoyable travel vlogs, she also makes transparent budget breakdowns with her real numbers so you can better know how much to expect to spend at a destination, as well as packing and unpacking videos where she assesses if her packing choices were wise or not.

Backpacking Bananas YouTube channel

Allison Anderson

About Allison Anderson: Allison Anderson is a professional photographer and videographer who made a New Year’s Resolution to herself in 2018 to start solo traveling. Since then, she has built a YouTube community focused on encouraging other women to be brave and explore by themselves. Her channel focuses on sharing her solo travels and giving content creation advice.

Why Jessi’s Journey Loves The Channel: As a solo female traveler, Allison’s gentle approach to sharing her adventures has continually inspired me to push myself to explore more. While her videos are aesthetic and stunning to watch, she is also very relatable and easy to listen to. Watching her videos feels like getting gentle advice from an older sister.

Allison Anderson YouTube channel

Elina Osborne

About Elina Osborne: Elina Osborne is a New Zealand hiker and filmmaker who produces some of the best storytelling on YouTube. After an epic thru-hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, Elina took to YouTube to share about the experience. Elina similarly did a multi-chapter series on thru-hiking New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail. Even if you aren’t an avid hiker, Elina’s videos will inspire you to get out and enjoy all the natural beauty the Earth offers.

Why Jessi’s Journey Loves The Channel: Even though you are watching Elina Osborne’s videos via technology, they somehow manage to transport you straight into nature. The narrative style of storytelling sets an atmosphere where it is easy to imagine the sounds, smells, and feelings of hiking through the wilderness. Watching her video series always brings on a wave of emotions, and multiple times have made me laugh and then cry within a matter of moments.

Elina Osborne YouTube channel

Damon Dominique

About Damon Dominique: Damon Dominique first started out on YouTube on the channel Damon and Jo making travel vlogs to encourage viewers to “get up and go.” He now runs his own channel Damon Dominique where he posts impressive short films that challenge viewers to change their perspective on destinations, people, languages, cultural norms, dating, and more. He recently released his first book You Are A Global Citizen which will have you questioning all of the impacts your nationality has had on who you are today.

Why Jessi’s Journey Loves The Channel: Damon’s channel is experimental, yet clearly intentional. The way he produces content is unlike anything else on YouTube. He is witty and sassy, messy and raw, inspirational and educational. Don’t let the high-quality production fool you, you will feel like you’re home gossiping with your bestie while you watch his videos.

Damon Dominique YouTube channel

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Lexie Limitless

About Lexie Limitless: If you’re looking for the best travel advice you can find on YouTube, Lexie Limitless is the channel for you. With detailed travel guides on famous destinations and tourist sites, budget videos, and travel tips and tricks for solo travelers, digital nomads, and backpackers, Lexie has something for everyone. Feel well prepared for all your adventures by tuning in to her channel before you go.

Why Jessi’s Journey Loves The Channel: Lexie’s “How To” videos have been major influences over many of my travels. Whenever I am preliminarily researching what to do in a destination or a country, I always search her videos first to see what tips she has.

Lexie Limitless YouTube channel

Eva zu Beck

About Eva zu Beck: Go off the beaten path by tuning in to Eva zu Beck’s channel. Her travel videos look deeper into the people, food, and traditions that make up different cultures in an honest and authentic way. She currently travels solo in an overlanding truck camper set up sharing her life and the personal stories of people she encounters with her audience.

Why Jessi’s Journey Loves The Channel: Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in ticking off boxes while traveling. New country, saw all the famous sites, ate the local food, tick, tick, tick. However, travel is so much more than a list of things to do. Of course, some of those things on the list are must-dos, but Eva’s videos always remind me that it is the people I cross paths with, experiences I love and hate, and feelings I have while traveling that are the true meaning of adventure.

Eva zu Beck YouTube channel

Brett Conti

About Brett Conti: Brett Conti is a New York based content creator who shows multiple perspectives while exploring a new place. He will often do comparison videos that show what $100 or $1000 can get you in a new destination, all while giving you the inside scoop on what to see and do in the location.

Why Jessi’s Journey Loves The Channel: Apart from the impressively filmed travel videos he makes, Brett Conti is also transparent with how much his lifestyle and travels actually cost him. It is easy to get caught up in the cinematography of travel vlogs and not see the reality of what the experience is like, but Brett’s videos dig deeper to give an honest perspective. They are also useful to determine what style of travel and what size travel budget to plan for if you are organizing an adventure.

Brett Conti YouTube channel

The world is at your fingertips. Even if an adventure isn’t in the cards right now for you, travel virtually by escaping through some of the best YouTube channels for all things travel related. From trip planning to storytelling, there is a lot of amazing content to watch.

Who is your favorite travel YouTuber to watch? Tell us in the comments!


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