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Best Places To Travel Post Covid

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

2020 rocked the travel industry leaving us now with a new world of travel to navigate. And while we know Covid is by no means over, now that the pandemic seems to be slowing down and a new normal has formed, travel is becoming more safe and accessible again. So after spending the last two years curled up on your couch, it’s time to book your next vacation. Today we are taking a look at eight amazing destinations worth exploring this year! Let’s take a look!

Covid Safety Tips

With rules and regulations constantly changing, it is important to be prepared while traveling abroad. Before you go make sure you know the current rules for the country. This can include things like: What testing requirements are necessary for entry? Are masks required indoors? Do you need to notify someone if you get sick? All of these are important to know before you go. Additionally, pack a spare covid friendly kit with you including things like hand sanitizer, medication if you catch a fever, and spare masks. Preparation is key to staying safe!

Best Places

With covid protocols constantly changing, we looked for places that fit a few criteria. These included things like: Is it relatively easy to enter the destination with their current protocols? Is it realistic to be able to safely socially distance while in the destination? Should you get sick, is the destination able to properly care for you? Is it easy to book testing to safely return to your home country? With that in mind, check out these amazing destinations we are ready to book a flight to right now!

Woman posing in front of waterfall
It's time to say goodbye to the couch and hello to the world again!


This tiny Caribbean country is the perfect island escape post covid. Known as the “Spice Isle,” this island is the perfect spot for foodies and nutmeg lovers. With vast stretches of white sandy beaches, hiking trails and outdoor markets to explore, Grenada is the perfect destination for someone looking to unwind after the chaos of the last few years.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is full of picturesque cities that will have you feeling like you’ve walked onto a movie set…which you quite possibly will as many period films are filmed in Prague. From the capital city or Prague to Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary, Kutna Hora ·or even Bohemian Switzerland, the Czech Republic has something for everyone.

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Jessi's Journey in Prague, Czech Republic
Drink beer that's cheaper than water in the Czech Republic!

Costa Rica

Pura Vida your life in Costa Rica! With bustling cities and beach escapes, this country is calling your name! Learn to surf or enjoy a margarita on the beach. For outdoor adventurists, Costa Rica is full of thrilling hiking trails, waterfalls to swim in and ziplines to whiz about on!


Who didn’t dream about traveling the Amalfi Coast or drinking wine in Tuscany during lockdown? Live out your dreams by exploring the beautiful country of Italy! For wine lovers, head to Tuscany and tour vineyards. For city slickers take in the sites in Rome, Florence and Milan. Live like Lizzie McGuire, Italy is after all what dreams are made of!


Thailand has a new ThaiPass to help entry into the country. With unique cities and stunning island escapes Thailand will have something for everyone. Additionally, they take health protocols rather seriously so you can ease your mind during your time in Thailand and enjoy your well earned adventure.

Jessi's Journey playing with elephant in Thailand
Visit an elephant sanctuary while exploring Thailand!


For road trip lovers, Scotland is the perfect option for you. Rent a camper van or car and tent combo and head out on an epic camping adventure. With rolling hills and unique hikes, for nature lovers, Scotland will steal your heart!

U.S. National Park System

National park exploration boomed during lockdown as more people sought out a nature escape. While borders around the world are opening, we still think the U.S. national park system is well worth adding to your must visit travel list. Hike vast mountains and stunning terrain on your holiday.

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For coffee lovers and ocean explorers, Jamaica is a must stop on your adventure. Swim in clear blue waters and search for unique sea life below you. Visit coffee plantations to fuel your adventures or simply relax on a white sand beach.


It has been a rough few years and we are excited to see the travel industry start to bounce back post covid. While things are by no means back to what they once were, adventures are becoming popular again. So bust out the google flight search bar and get planning! Bon voyage!

Where are you traveling first? Tell us in the comments!


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