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Safest Places For Female Solo Travelers

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Whether you’re fiercely independent or couldn’t manage to convince your friends to ditch work and come on an adventure with you, solo travel can be an amazing opportunity to connect with yourself and see the world. Still, safety is crucial when traveling alone. Part of that includes following some basic solo traveling safety tips, but another part also includes choosing destinations that are welcoming to solo female travelers. Luckily, the world is full of amazing places you can explore as a sole female traveler and we found the best options for you. Take a look!

Safety Tips

The unfortunate truth is, for people who identify as female, solo travel is not always the safest or easiest option. Exercising these basic safety tips can help you stay safe and sound no matter where you roam.

Research Local Scams

Even the safest of destinations will likely have scammers. Whether it be common pickpockets or bag snatchers, make sure you know what to keep an eye out for before you go.

Don’t Let People Know You’re Traveling Alone

Of course if you’re staying in a hostel, you’ll likely meet other solo travelers so don’t be afraid to talk to others and make new friends. However, when walking about, shopping, or going to sites, have a story in the back of your mind in case someone asks if you’re alone. A simple, “oh my super tall scary boyfriend ran out for coffee, he’ll be back soon” usually does the trick!

Always Share Your Location

With technology these days, there is no reason not to have your location shared with a friend or family member. It is always wise to tell someone where you are planning on going that day and have your phone sharing your location while you explore.

Separate Your Credit Cards

It is always good to travel with a few forms of payment options, but if you have all of your credit cards in one place and lose your wallet or get pickpocketed, you’ll be stuck in a pinch! Don’t take all of your credit cards out with you, leave one locked away in your luggage. If you have multiple on you at once, keep them in separate places in your bag.

Pack A Door Stop

You need your rest to have energy for your big adventures. Don’t lose sleep over worrying about whether or not your accommodation is safe. An internal lock or door stop is easy to pack away in your bag and can highly increase your safety.

Put Your Phone Away

When you’re walking around exploring it might be tempting to pull out your phone to look at google maps or instastory what you’re visiting. However, it is best to keep your phone out of sight to not make it obvious you are a tourist. Additionally, this helps you avoid getting your phone pinched. If you need to look up directions, pop into a corner shop or café and have a look.

Woman solo traveling on the beach
Solo travel is an excellent way to learn more about yourself and challenge your boundaries.

Where You Should Go

So with all that in mind, where are the best places for a solo female traveler to explore? Whether you’re looking for a beach escape or to explore a bustling city, the world is full of many amazing places for solo travelers to explore!


Finland is ranked one of the safest countries in Europe making it perfect for solo female travelers. For outdoor adventurists and those eager to see the Northern Lights, Finland is the perfect place to explore. Enjoy hiking in Lemmenjoki National Park or go swimming in one of the multitude of lakes Finland has.


While it might be surprising to some, Singapore is a safe destination for solo female travelers looking to enjoy both beach or city life. Singaporeans are known for being friendly and hospitable, ensuring solo travelers will be able to get help when needed on their adventure. Additionally, English is one of two official languages in the country, so should you need assistance, you’ll be able to find someone to ask for help.


Known as the land of fire and ice, Iceland is the perfect spot for solo female travelers to enjoy camping and hiking in nature. With very low crime rates and friendly locals, Iceland is the perfect place to try traveling alone in.

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Jessi's Journey in front of waterfall in Iceland
Solo travel through the land of fire and ice in Iceland!

New Zealand

New Zealand is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Perfect for road tripping in an RV or renting a car to drive to Middle Earth, New Zealand welcomes solo female travelers in with open arms.


Known for stunning landscapes full of mountains and fjords, Switzerland is one of Europe’s top countries to travel as a solo female traveler. Eat your fill of chocolate and cheese and twirl about the vast fields. Treat yourself to a solo trip to the Matterhorn and give paragliding a try.


In North America, Canada is considered the safest country to travel through. With bustling cities and stunning national parks, there is a spot for any type of solo female traveler. It’s no secret Canadians are considered to be some of the most polite people in the world, so should you need assistance you will be able to find a friendly face to ask for help!


Scandinavia is full of safe countries for solo female travelers, and Denmark is no different. Crime rates are low and it is unlike for you as a woman to be catcalled or harassed while traveling solo.

Pro Tip: Keep yourself safe while solo traveling by getting travel insurance. We uncover everything you need to know about What Is Travel Insurance?!

Japan pagoda in cherry blossom season
Visit Japan during cherry blossom season!


Japan is known for being a country founded on respect to the community and is considered one of the safest countries in the world. With modern cities and traditional villages, Japan is the perfect spot to travel solo. While there are plenty of popular tourist destinations worth visiting, there are also many off the beaten path places to explore as well.


Known for its friendly citizens and relaxed way of life, Australia is a great spot for solo female travelers to explore. While it is always wise to be on alert in big cities, there are plenty of off places outside of the bustling cities solo travelers can safely explore.


Traveling alone doesn’t have to be scary! In fact, solo travel is an excellent way to learn more about yourself and push your boundaries to new heights. Stay alert while you’re solo traveling and prepare before you go. And tag us in your photos along the way!

Where do you want to take a solo trip to? Tell us in the comments!


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