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Don’t Like Wine? Go To These Best Craft Breweries in Porto Instead!

Known for its sweet Port wines that hold centuries of traditions in a glass, Porto, Portugal is a hub for wine lovers. Every year tens of thousands of visitors head to Porto to learn more about and taste the famous wines from the region. But is a stop in Porto still right for you if you don't love wine? If the unique architecture, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals aren’t enough to convince you to plan a visit, these eight craft breweries that are changing the beer scene in Porto just might.

Get ready to grab a pint, or eight, we don’t judge, and come with us on an exploration of the best craft breweries in Porto.

What Is Super Bock?

The history of beer making in Portugal goes back almost as long as Port wine production. Still, it was only just recently that the craft beer scene started to develop throughout Portugal. But are craft breweries the only good place to grab a pint? While we love a microbrewery, a pint of Super Bock still satisfies the taste buds.

Known as one of the most popular beers in Portugal, Super Bock is a refreshing Pilsner that has been produced in Portugal since 1927. Whether you spent the day exploring sunny Lisbon or laying on the beach in the Algarve, a pint of Super Bock is a cheap and refreshing way to enjoy Portugal. Another popular Portuguese beer brand is Sagres, which is a crisp lager that will cool you down after a long day of exploring the stunning country.

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Jessi's Journey in Porto craft brewery
While exploring Porto, a stop by the many amazing craft breweries in the city is a must!

What Are The Best Craft Breweries In Porto?

While Port wine is perfect for sipping alongside dessert and Porto Tonics make for the ideal happy hour aperitif, sometimes a beer is all you need to quench your cravings. After a few weeks spent doing a deep dive into all things Porto, the Jessi’s Journey Ultimate Drinking Team (nobody else calls us this, it is just a clever tool to make us not seem like we have a drinking problem) hit the pavements on the hunt for the best microbreweries in Porto. Apart from the beer, which let’s be honest is subjective as everyone has their own personal preferences, the atmosphere, staff, and overall experience were considered when reviewing the following craft breweries.

Be warned, the following places will make you seriously thirsty…

Armazém da Cerveja - Craft Beer Bar & Shop

We don’t believe in saving the best for last, so we are sharing our top spot first. If you only have time to visit one craft brewery while in Porto, Armazém da Cerveja is the place to go! Armazém da Cerveja has its own name-brand beer but also features a menu of other beers from around Portugal and some other European microbreweries.

However, what makes Armazém da Cerveja unique from some of the other breweries on our list, is that it is primarily a bottle shop. They have a vast bottle selection with over one hundred different choices, some of which also include alcohol-free beer. So if you aren’t a big drinker, but still want to join your friends on a night out, there is still something for you to enjoy at the shop. While the shop is on the smaller side, there is a cozy patio out back where you can soak up the sun and enjoy a refreshing beer.

Interior of Armazém da Cerveja Porto
Grab a pint in the garden or a six-pack to go at Armazém da Cerveja.

Musa das Virtudes

If you’re looking for the perfect date night spot to catch a stunning sunset over the Douro River, look no further than Musa das Virtudes. Located along Parque das Virtudes, which boasts some of the best views of the city, this vibrant craft brewery majorly sets the vibe for a fun night out. Grab a pint to enjoy while watching the sunset or head inside for a bite to eat. Musa das Virtudes has a diverse beer list, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

View from Musa das Virtudes
Musa das Virtudes makes for the perfect place to catch a sunset.

Colossus Craft Brewery

The intimate atmosphere of Colossus Craft Brewery makes it the perfect place to enjoy a pint with good company. Sit just steps away from the fermentation room where you can see how the beer is made on-site. The friendly staff took the time to explain each beer to us and sold them so well that we ended up getting two flights to try all eight options available. Colossus Craft Brewery focuses on making small-batch brews to keep its rotating menu unique.

We loved that they had various games available and ended up spending quite some time playing cards. I can get quite competitive, so the fact that we didn’t get kicked out of the small space for being too rowdy really is a testament to how patient the team who works there is.

Fermentation room in Colossus Craft Brewery
Get a behind the scenes look at how beer is made at Colossus Craft Brewery.

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Carmo Brewery

Carmo Brewery is arguably one of the most famous spots in Porto. Centrally located and just steps away from the famous Livraria Lello, this small brewery has one of the best views of famous Portuguese blue tiles. Across the street, you can find the stunning Igreja do Carmo which makes for the perfect backdrop for people watching over a pint. While Carmo Brewery is on many travel writers' to-do lists for tourists, you will still find locals sitting and reading a good book while enjoying some local beer.

View from Carmo Brewery
If the delicious beers from Carmo Brewery can't convince you to visit, the blue tiles across the street should!

Letraria Porto

Letraria Porto is a craft beer garden right in the heart of Porto. However, the flagship brewery, Cerveja Letra can be found an hour north of the city. “Letras” means letters, and the six core beers at the brewery are each assigned a letter of the alphabet. However, if one of the Letra A, B, C, D, E, or F doesn’t tickle your taste buds, you can also find a broader range of beer options from other Portuguese breweries featured in the shop.

When you first enter Letraria Porto, the space seems small. However, head downstairs for more seating and a cozy garden perfect for day drinking in. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the amazing beers Letraria has to offer.

Drinking beer in Letraria Porto
Sing your ABCs while sipping on a pint from Letraria Porto.

Catraio Craft Beer Shop & Bar

If you’re looking for an energetic setting to share some beers with friends, Catraio Craft Beer Shop & Bar is one of the top spots to head to. This two-story shop has both indoor and outdoor seating with a bar on each level. If you head to Catraio later in the evening, expect to enjoy bumping music and a lively atmosphere. The beer menu offers a range of light and fruity to rustic and dark beers. The only downside to a stop by Catraio is trying to decide which beer to enjoy first!

Interior of Catraio Craft Beer Shop & Bar
Get your party on at the lively Catraio Craft Beer Shop & Bar.

A Fábrica da Picaria

A Fábrica da Picaria is the first brewpub that hit the Porto scene and strives to this day to continuously represent the craft beer industry to the best of its ability in Porto. After making your selection from the rotating beer menu, head downstairs to see where the beer is brewed onsite. A Fábrica da Picaria smartly designs its menu to best match the months of the year and customer wants. In the summer sit out back and enjoy a marijuana-infused pint, while in the winter cozy up with a spiced winter ale or creamy stout.

Jessi's Journey drinking a pint in A Fábrica da Picaria
Ditch the Port wine in exchange for a pint from A Fábrica da Picaria.

Fábrica Nortada

Fábrica Nortada is perfectly located just moments from the popular pedestrian walkway Rua de Santa Catarina and many tourist attractions. Unlike the other smaller more rustic breweries on the list, Fábrica Nortada is impressively large and modern. The staff was friendly and made gave us recommendations which we ended up trying in flights of four. If you are more in the mood for a meal paired with a pint of craft beer instead of just grabbing drinks, Fábrica Nortada can satisfy all of your cravings.

While the craft beer scene is still growing in Porto, there are still many amazing options taking the city by storm. Whether you are looking for a cozy spot to rest your feet during your adventures, a chill date night venue to impress your love, or a lively location to enjoy drinks with your friends, you can find it at any of the above Porto craft breweries. Cheers!

Which one of these Porto craft breweries do you want to go to first? Tell us in the comments!


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